I’d like to buy some pads like 661 4x4. So I was just wondering, how well they protect your legs from pedal bites and other nasty stuff? And, should I buy separate Active Ankles or something like those for my ankles?

4x4’s are soft shell, so do they offer protection from falling on rocks, which I’ll probably be doing a bit on the DH tracks or should I get hard shells? So this brings me to an another question. Could someone recommend hard shell pads (661 comp?) that protect the backs of your legs too? I’d also like to know about other brands, like Lizard Skins, that how well they protect your calves and shins?

How about the size? My inseam is about 32"(?) and I’m 5’8" tall (or short:) ). My calves are about 15" (measured around).

edit. And I won’t be buying the KH pads. The shipping is too much. I want to find something from this country.


I have used simple solution.I have bought football shin pads of an appropriate size and worn them back to front with the standard frontal protectors.It has done job for the calfs Achilles tendos and the ankles.:slight_smile:

I have just got 661 4x4s in Medium size. You sound about the same size as me, and I find Medium ok, but Large would probably be better, as mine don’t quite rest snugly on my ankles at the front. They’re comfy and have good protection at the front and knee, but the back is just a wrap of (pretty tough, but not padded/armoured) nylon fabric. It’ll fend off most scratches but particularly vampiric pedals can probably get though them at the back.

Whatever you have, it’ll be better when wearing them than when you’re not. Why do accidents always happen when you’re not ready for them? :slight_smile:

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I use the 661 4x4’s and wear a large. I’m 5’9 with a 30" inseam. They offer a litle protection for the back of the calves. I’ve crashed HARD on rocks and landed on my knees with no injuries. has 4x4 knee/shin guards on sale for $20 and the forearm/elbow guards for $17. Even with shipping, this might be cheaper than you can purchase them elsewhere

I could only find FedEx shipping and that’s about 45$ to Finland. I thought that I might order some other stuff also like the full face but I’m still not sure about that price. It’s about the same if I buy from here or And if I buy stuff from here it’s lot easier to change if it doesn’t fit or brakes.


they are good but a little uncomfortable for long muni rides they protect well yes there is no back padding but as it is soft tissue you get scatches there and the fabric protects you from scratches and the front stuff from slams on the knees and from the pedals killing your shins which is nice.the kh are suposed to be really cool but a little pricey i got my 661’s in a sale for £25 instead of £40 yay me!!!tip wear trousers with them and tuck them in the 4x4’s so the trousers are just lower than the knee this is very comfortable but hot/warm but as it is winter thats a good thing right? i am still wearing shorts when i ride as the 4x4 are warmer that trousers(pants)

Re: 4X4

I wouldn’t recommend doing this during winter. Well atleast when the temperatures are down. It’s better to have as much free air around legs as possible. This keeps you warmer a lot better. That’s why most of the winter clothes are cushy.

i have riden like this and it is very hot trust me but most of all it is more comfortable

Re: Pads…

joona <> writes:

> I’d also like to know about other brands, like Lizard Skins,
> that how well they protect your calves and shins?

I bought some Lizard Skins shin guards - the kind without knee
protection. They are way tough on the front (shin) side with plastic
and foam that fits in a pocket in the neoprene. In back, there are
four wide velcro straps on top of the neoprene. I have skinny ankles,
so the neoprene pretty much covers the back of my calves.

For what I do (been riding 2 1/2 months, level 2+ freestyle skills,
moderate trail riding, attempting the local bmx track, …), this much
protection seems ample. I have been riding with my old MTB beartrap
pedals, so I pretty much have to wear protection. I know I’ll want to
cover my knees at some point, but for now I like the freedom of
movement of knee-less guards.


One biker offered to sell me his Fox Racing 911 pads for 30€ This is a pretty good deal, since they are in really good condition. I was just wondering that these don’t offer too much protection for the calves.

Oh and a really nice thing. There’s a shop that sells Roach Indy -pads too. They cost about 60€.
edit. Maybe I should buy the Indy Hydration pack too.