what are the advantages to having a freestyle unicycle. i have a trails although i am still trying to get in to that i can do a few simple tricks on it. is it easier to do them on a free style uni also i really hate peddle bites i have some wellgo’s and they have wrecked my legs but they are grippy. so i had kept them and still have them now as i know all grippy peddles wreck your legs so i looked at protection and namely the shin plus knee pads(they are called 6,6,1 on in one but they are around £40 plus pp so are they really worth it?
i did want to get in to muni a i have done a little on my trails uni but it is hard even on mild paths so i was thinking of getting a muni
a numbus 2 26" how good are they?would it be worth getting the pads if i am starting muni?

There are cheaper alternatives to the 661’s.
I’ve got a set of leg armor from “Fox Racing.” I don’t know how expensive they are (Thank you Moab MUniFest!), and all they cover are my shins and my knees, but they have kept me from hashing up my legs a number of times.
If you don’t get leg armor for any other reason, get them because they make you a little braver and more willing to try some crazy stuff. You’ll become a better unicyclist almost immediately.

a great deal on 661 leg armour - £25 for leg or £35 for leg and arm!!!

someone posted this link a few weeks ago.

i’m cashing in on this deal soon:D


Re: pads/freestyle/trails/muni

When you say you have a ‘trails’ do you mean ‘trials’?

Yes, for trials and/or MUni with pinned pedals it is absolutely worth
it to have shin (and knee) protection! I have the 661’s (so-called
4x4) and they are OK but I can’t compare them to Roach or other

As a side note, there have been heated debates here about the use/need
for a helmet during MUni and trials. My personal stance is that a
cycling helmet is priority number ONE in protective gear.

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the 661 deal is fantastic, i posted the link a while back, i too will be using the deal as soon as i get the cash, the 661 pads are supposedly very good.

I bought some cheaper pads a while back, azonic pads that were £16-£17 and they were ok if wearing pants, but there was no strap aroung the knee, so they could slip down and shorts were a complete no-no.

One of the advantages of a dedicated freestyle uni is that it will have more leg-friendly pedals on it. This makes a very big difference when you’re learning tricks!

That said, the differences get more minor. It depends on your Trials uni as far as how far away it is from a good freestyle uni. For freestyle you will generally want a 20" wheel with 125mm max. crank length. Most people use shorter. A fork with good foot support is good. And if you plan to ride indoors, a good Trials tire is usually going to mark up the floor. For freestyle you can get a white or other colored tire, to keep your building-owners happy. Lastly, the freestyle uni will tend to be lighter, making things easier to learn.

But if you’re trying to decide between a larger-wheel MUni and a freestyle uni, I’d say get the MUni first, because you can still practice tricks on your Trials uni. You can’t have much fun riding trails on a freestyle uni though.

thanks so much

thanks for your help but do the 4x4 things affect your riding??
please can someone reply today as i want to cash in on the deal as so as i can help

Re: thanks so much

In my MUni’ing they do not hinder leg movement if that is what you mean. They give you a confidence boost though so indirectly they affect your riding - in a positive way.

I’m not sure if they would in the way when you’re freestyling, but it could well be. I don’t think leg protection is often used in freestyle.

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Freestyle MUni

I disagree with this statement. I think John has too many Unicycles to remember how much fun you can have with only one or two. For years I have ridden everywhere including trails and tracks on a freestyle/nostyle crappy CycleDesign unicycle. It does not compare to a MUni, but having never ridden a MUni it was comparitively fun to ride, rather than using a bicycle or walking. The nasty seat provided plenty of discomfort, the hard tire did not absorb bumps effectively, but the fun still came in abundance and gave me something to do while saving for a MUni. I admit there were low points where the fun dried up, for example bending cranks, tacoing the rim, and bending (eventually breaking) the axle. You have fun while breaking it but afterwards it is less fun riding on something that is lopsided and out of sync. John is right, MUnicycles are a lot of fun on trails, but don’t let that stop you from riding offroad on whatever unicycles you have.

If you are considering getting a MUni, do not rule out the possibility of a 24x3". They have the same outer diameter as a small 26", weigh less and are more manouvreable than a 26x3", and are stronger and less likely to taco than a larger rim. I had my heart set on getting a 26" MUni but ended up getting 24x3" and I am glad there is no more weight in the tire. The pads are your own choice, you can get away without them if you don’t mind a few holes in your shins.

i feel the same way i can do some muni on my trials uni but i think to get in to it more you need a munii am ordering the armor to night.
about munis what is the best size(24"-26") to go for this is a hard question i know as both have advantages and disadvantages could you list them.
also i saw john in universe that was some good stuff!!

got erm

got the pads today they are a little strange.i must say the staff member i tried to get info from was useless.i asked him about sizing i ment in age range
staff"err the small pads are for thin legs and the large ones for fatter legs but they are normally quite big"
that was helpfull was it not??!!?