Padded shorts through the wash?

I couldn’t imagine there being any problem with this, but I could imagine my being stupid and missing the obvious reason this would ruin the shorts.

Read the label.

If I ever found myself with a pair of cycling shorts that weren’t machine washable I’d take them straight back to the store! You probably need more caution on drying. Again, check the label. It may suggest air drying or low heat.

Just don’t put it through the dryer and you should be alright I think.

Oh right, I forgot about that.

They are machine washable. It says warm, but I’m going to use cold anyway.

If you’re not going to follow the directions, why read the label? I think they may have a reason for telling you to use warm water.

…wondering if crazyjoe washes his own clothes…

Cold is not a bad idea for the first-time washing, and is also a safe approach if it’s a natural chamois pad in there. I always wash mine warm and haven’t noticed any ill-effects.

Yes, I do wash my own clothes, and have for the last 6 years. I wash all my riding shorts and jerseys in a sink with Woolite and air dry them overnight. It doesn’t take as much energy or time as machine washing and drying, and it seems to be gentler on the fabrics. I don’t know about washing bike shorts in a machine washer, but I know I would follow the directions on the tag.

I always wash with cold water, and hang dry. Figure this way they will last the longer than warm/hot wash and going through the dryer. Heat degrades the elastic.

I would be more worried about the drier. I always hang dry overnight.

bike shorts you cant machine wash? Dont they smell pretty bad pretty quickly? Wash and find out. Obviously I do it at 30C and dry them at low temps. But really its all nylon usually, so its fine.

I do agree with johnfoss. If they cant be, chuck em or try to get a refund!

I’ve been good in the washing part, it was the dryer that killed my favorite old cycling shorts. I found air drying on a rack works very well, and allowed my last good set to last over 15 years.

As everyone else was saying, if you can’t wash them, toss them.

I used to use a 30C wash, but they started getting smelly. For the last few years I’ve been using a 40C wash. It doesn’t seem to have done any harm.