Paco's rocket and the Uni Superset(tm)

So now Paco has (what looks to me to be) an incredible new design.

Introducing the Uni Superset.
(1) Paco’s rocket center piece
(1) Wallis Road Relief saddle
(2) 20" lower fork tubes
(2) 24" lower fork tubes (freestyle)
(2) 24" lower fork tubes (muni)
(2) 29" lower fork tubes
(2) 36" lower fork tubes
(1) 20" wheelset
(1) 24" wheelset (freestyle)
(1) 24" wheelset (muni)
(1) 29" wheelset
(1) 36" wheelset

…you’d need some different length seatposts, and a few sets of pedals.

Price: Ten crillion dollars.

Any hub may be upgraded to a two-speed geared hub for an additional gazillion dollars.

I want one! What a great deal. The inventor (‘Paco’ was it?) must be a genius!

Could you make “lollypop” bearing holders with clamps the same way the fork legs are attached to the “rocket”?