Packing A Uni

There are some trails really close to my my house, but to get to them I have to go through some unrideable stuff; probably half a mile or so of walking.

I’d really like to hook up my unicycle to my camelbak somehow so I don’t have to push it.

I think I’ve read a few posts where guys say they hook thier unicylces up to thier camelbak but havn’t seen any pictures.

Can anyone offer a photo of how they do it?


Probably using bungee cords.

I know this post wasn’t much help, but at least it bumped up to the top of the page;)

I would love to see some ideas also!

Sorry, no pictures, but there are a couple of configurations you could use, I’ve tried both. It’s best done on a pack ~ the size of a school/daypack or larger w/ straps (pref w/ quick release buckles). I use my Camelback Hawg.

  1. my preference. Put you pack on the ground and set the uni on top w/ the seat going up. Detach and run each strap through the spokes, over the tire and into it’s clasp. Do the same on the other side. Try to mount the wheel as low as you can on the pack. Tighten both straps evenly. Your frame, seat, etc will be free to sway side to side so secure it to the left or right w/ a bungee cord (I use a velcro strap) through the frame and around the closest strap. If you don’t quick releases for your straps you can use a bungee cord to secure the tire.

I prefer to secure the frame to my right w/ the uni facing left, handle pointed towards me, and the right crank (the one against the pack) forwards. This way the seat/handle is less likely to nick a tree, boulder, etc, and the orientation of the cranks makes the handle point backwards more so it doesn’t hit me in the head.

  1. Secure the tire the same as above but w/ the seat pointing down. Secure the frame w/ bungee cords. Mount the wheel as high as you can on the pack. The way I’ve seen people have it is w/ the frame straight down. Secure it w/ a bungee cord to keep it from swaying.

I’ve seen several people using method 2 but I don’t like it. My Muni seat is kind of high so I’d be constantly hitting the back of my head on the tire and kicking the seat w/ my feet. I suppose I could mount the frame at an angle like in method 1 but w/ the way my straps are I can’t make it work, plus I’d be worried about digging the seat into rocks.

I think #1 would work better while riding a bike :slight_smile:

If you have a pack with a gear slab (like those found on snowboard/skateboard bags) you would have a TON of ways to carry it…though you may want to take your pedals off. Pedal wrenches don’t take up much room and will fit perfectly in your water bladder pouch.

Yeah, w/ #2 if I sat up a bit the seat would hit the rear tire, and if I looked up so I could more easily see traffic lights I’d hit my head on the tire.

W/ a bike I think it’s better to strap it to your rear rack. I would put the wheel vertical w/ the seat pointing out the back. Ive tried w/ the seat forwards but the seat gets in the way of my pedaling. If you put the sideways you have to be careful riding close to objects/people since the b*ke is now wider.

no pannards on a full suspension bike :frowning: it really sucked i hit my helmet on the seat post ALOT!

Get a seatpost mounted rack and strap the uni to that.

very good idea!

It has to be said:

“Are you packing a uni, or just pleased to see me?” :smiley:

I’ve thought about packing my uni, and have a mountain pack with gear flaps that would do it quite easily. However, I prefer my small hydro pack, which weighs less and is less bulky when riding. I also don’t mind rolling the uni; it keeps the weight of the uni on the ground instead of on me. Keep in mind also that your 1/2 mile walk is probably only taking you 10 minutes or less – if your system is very complicated you might be able to get halfway there in the time you take to strap up the uni, not to mention removing pedals.

Edit: I also find that I can usually hop on and off the uni for little parts of what is otherwise a generally unrideable section of trail, which isn’t an option if it’s strapped to your pack.

any one make a bag that is like a backpack?

A member got some made for a 20/19 and there was talk of one for a 24. I can’t remember the name or thread and didn’t come up in my searches.

Some liked it, but I wouldn’t buy one. I just strap it to my backpack or disassemble and put it in my LARGE luggage for the airport.

Unless I’m doing any sustained hiking uphill with my uni, like the time I hiked up Mt. Elbert (14k+ peak) and rode down, I’m usually good just to shoulder my uni and keep walking. Definitly helps your shoulders a bit if your pack has a bit extra padding over the shoulder (you can always modify your pack accordingly). When I’ve strapped my Uni to my pack I’ve definitly found it works much better on a more substantial (i.e. bigger) pack than a small hydration pack. As others have said, bungees work well and really if you get the right kind of pack, the ones that are made for cycling/sking, they have an excess of straps built into the pack that can be used to secure your uni to your pack. Depending on your height you can get away with having the frame hang down (that’s what I do), just attach the wheel higher up on your pack with cranks diagonal with one of them over one shoulder.

Good luck!

Thanks to everyone for the input.

It seems that for the short distance I have to negotiate unrideable terrain, it’s easier to push/carry it.

Just on the lookout for some “magic way” of transporting it with only a CamelBak.