Packaging a unicycle

What’s the best way to package a unicycle for shipment if you’re not able to leave the frame on the wheel? I’ve looked through old posts but couldn’t come up with anything.

I’d think putting an old hub in the frame would be best but I don’t have one of those. Perhaps a block of wood?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

A block of wood could work fine, but if I pack it in a box and have to take off the frame, I usually package it so that the frame legs are parallel with the wheel. (i.e. take the frame of and twist it 90 degrees, then place it beside the wheel.) Just add some padding as cardboard. I then take the saddle and seatpost out of the frame and put that on the other side of the wheel. That keeps the wheel in the middle of the box.


Thanks juggleaddict.

I found an easy solution. I went to the bike store and asked how they package bike forks for travel. They gave me a plastic piece that came on a new bike fork. I wasn’t sure it would work for a unicycle but it does with the addition of some padding around it. I slipped a thin foam tube (that came on a seat post) over the plastic bit before putting it between the bearing holders.

Hopefully my frame will be safe.