Pacific Northwest 2005 Unicycling Dates

There will be several opportunities for unicyclist’s gatherings this year.

Mark your calendars for these. Each will probably get its own thread as things get closer.

April 9 – Saturday.

This is the date of the Panther Pride Gumbo Feed at North Bend Elementary. The Gumbo Feed is a fund raiser for their NAUCC trip.

This year there will be Unicycle Workshops/Skills Clinics, including Trials, from 2:00 until 5:00, Gumbo Feed from 5:30 until 7:00 and a Public Show at 7:15.

June 17 – 19

Seattle International Juggling Festival. The Cascade Jugglers Seventh Annual Festival.

We plan on unicycling workshops again on Saturday, June 18.

July 9

Too soon to announce details but keep the date marked.

August 19 – 21

Fifth Coeur d’ Alene Juggling & Unicycling Festival

If you know of any others feel free to post them here.

Sunday, 14 February 2005

Meet with Florian Schlumpf. Largest collection of geared unicycles in one place? Red Square, University of Washington. 12:00PM. Schlumpf’s geared unicycle, BlueShift, Purple Phaze.

Sunday, 28 August 2005

Greg Harper’s 53rd Birthday Iron Horse Trail Ride (2nd annual brithday ride)

Sorry to say it, but the Couer d’Alene festival hardly qualifies as a unicycling event. I was there last year, and aside from Tom Blackwood (I didn’t meet him, but I saw his Coker lying outside the gym) and myself, there weren’t many serious unicyclists there. None of the events, except for one or two workshops, had anything to do with unicycling; they didn’t even schedule a group ride, or anything. Very frustrating. Unless you juggle too, that festival would definitely not be worth your time. I wasn’t even allowed to ride in the gym, even though it was 95-100 degrees outside. Is anyone planning to go anyway though? It would be fun to schedule a ride along the the shore of Lake Couer d’Alene.

Have to agree with jsm on that one…it is not a unicycling event at all, although I did have some fun riding around the town and the lake path on my 36-er. There was a beginner workshop, ably taught each year by Jim Chase, but nothing above that.

That said, it’s absolutely my favorite juggling festival, and we’ll be there again this year. Great way to combine a few days of late summer vacation with a couple days of great juggling.

Steve: there is also the Sultan Unicycle Jamboree, which is Saturday May 21. From the last dialog I had, I believe Lars Claussen and family will be attending again.

Thanks for the feed back on Couer d’Alene. I’ve never gone but when I spoke and exchanged e-mails with the organizers last year he seemed really intent on promoting unicycles too. Maybe it just needs more time to develop that part. There must be some good Muni in that skinny part of Idaho.

The Sultan event is slowly growing in size but has been by invitation. I didn’t feel I could announce an open invitation to all comers at this point.

And…cool, the GHBIHTR is now annual!

For now, all you PNW riders, make every effort to make it to NB on April 9.

That’s Sunday 13 February 2005.

Can’t keep your mind of Valentines Day, can you?:slight_smile:

March 11 - 13 (Friday - Sunday)

Victoria juggling fest

I don’t know how much unicycling there will be but as mentioned in another thread Kris is doing a muni workshop there.

Time to bump:

Saturday, June 18, Seattle International Juggling Festival

Saturday, July 9, Redmond Derby Days

Sunday, August 28, International Harper Day ride: Greg Harper’s 53rd Birthday Iron Horse Trail Ride (2nd annual brithday ride)