Pacific Crest Muni Fest

Has anyone ridden/considered riding the Pacific Crest Trail (or any of the North-South trans-US trails) via muni?


Peter Bier, the Marsh sisters and I rode a (tiny) section of it at UNICON. We rode a section about 2 or 3km long, starting near Snoqualmie Pass. It was fun but nothing like the undertaking you’re suggesting!


Like the Appalachian Trail, the PCT is off-limits to cycles. Horses and hikers only. It’s tempting but not for cyclists.

I’ve walked about 750 miles of the PCT and it’s tough because of the environment. It wouldn’t be much of a MUni challenge, though.

750 miles! That must’ve been something.

I’d be interested to hear what the stewards would think about unicycles on the trails – I believe direct-drive (no chain, one wheel total) unis are excluded from classification as bicycles in CA vehicle code. Here’s a blurb from the PCTA faq (

Q. What uses are permitted on the PCT? 

A. The PCT has been designated as a non-mechanized trail by the U.S. Forest Service (the agency responsible for management of the trail). This means the trail is open to foot and horse (or other pack stock) travel only. Bicycles and motorized vehicles are not permitted. 

Perhaps horses and unis just wouldn’t get along on the same trail. Still…fun prospect, eh?


Apparently horses and hikers aren’t that great at getting along either. I had a guy pass me, as a hiker, on a bike one day. It was enfuriating because I was hurting so much and this guy goes by tooling along where he shouldn’t be. He expected me to just hop out of the way on a narrow sandy slope. Rather than risk a confrontation miles from nowhere, I just complied.