Pa unicycle clubs question

Does anyone know of any unicycling clubs in eastern Pennsylvania?

PA riders

Hey I’m in State College, central PA.

I think there’s a club in Pittsburg called the Single Wheel Attack Team (SWAT)

Here’s their link:

A fellow on the forum who goes be the handle digitalattrition is a SWAT guy.

You can also look on the map [above], it shows a couple riders in eastern PA.

Good luck! Let me know if you’re in State College!

im from eastern pa and so is the rest of unicycle pa where exactly are you from

i live right outside of Allentown and Bethlehem its called Center Valley

Yah i live in lansdale i think thats like 45min from you. How long have you been rideing? are you aney good? When it gets warmer we hit up the city with swat you should come.

that sounds very fun, but as u can see im lvl 1 (sig) and i have been riding for about a week now haha but once it gets warmer im hoping i will be good enough for riding around town with u guys.

Yah thats the best way to learn. and dont get hung up on the levels most of us are like 2 or 3 but where sick at trials

We’re from Philadelphia, not Pittsburg.

SWAT is: Nick Vadala (me), Jim Vadala, Tim Braun, Nick DiJohn, Kevin O’Brien, and Joe Graff. Kev is currently enrolled at Penn State in State College, PA.