PA trials comp

i would love to start a yearly trials comp/ride in pa but i have no idea where to start. can aneyone help me in this endeavor

We should have one every February in Harrisburg.

Yah something like that but i dont know how to get it started i gess the first thing would be to get sponsors?

I don’t know dude. I don’t think there will ever be a trials competition every February in Harrisburg… :frowning:

I believe what obie is reffereing to is Motorama, unicyclist have been there for the last 3 years now.

While I would probably go to a trails comp in PA I would be just as happy with a informal competition. More a group ride with long taped out sections, more similar to bike trials lines than the shorter problems that frequent U system comps.

YOu should just get as many people as you can to come,tell them both online and those that…arent online,ask around and decide what the best time/place would be sutible for everybody,and make sure they have fun so they’ll come again.

I wish i could go to a informal trials comp,I have no compition to ride with.:frowning:

so when is the best time/date/place

I don’t know about a comp, but I’m up for a ride this Sunday.

i cant im only aloud to ride one day a week it this week it will be with kh

Your parents are bad at being parents. You will likely not ride with Kris anyways.

w/e you know what i mean

It’s a demo. Meaning he rides around and shows off his skills. He may ride with you afterwords, but don’t expect it. Basically you’re going to watch him.

I’m more for just a get together rather than a full out competition… but how about something a little more north than Harrisburg? I’d be happy to go somewhere in State College… Obie would be right there, unless you’re going home soon?

I’d love to ride with some people… I live almost in New York… if anything does get put together I’ll definetly show up.


I am going home this Saturday. Where are you located? I’ll be in Philly, along with…10 other good unicyclists (SWAT and UnicyclePA), so feel free to come down. IM me on theobieone3226 anytime and we can discuss a meeting.

In like 2 months, that will be 11. :smiley:

Tell your mom I will violently rape her if she doesn’t let you ride Sunday. That oughta work.

i would be up for something i live in maryland but ill come

i dont know maby i can go when and where

I’m afraid I’ll have to take part in this violent raping if you don’t ride… I’ll see you Sunday unicyclepa