pa riders

Hi many of you may already know me, but for those who don’t Hi im Neil. I have been out of the whole unicycle thing for a wile and i wanna get back into it and maby restart I just don’t think any of the old people i use to ride with are still around. so i was just trying to see who lives around me (Philly) and when do you wanna ride.


You should come to Richmond August 4. I seem to remember at the last Motorama you liked the NATS rules better.

I, too haven’t rode in sooo long. I would like to. Neil, if you come up with anything, or even if you wanna just ride someday, send me a PM, better yet, I’ll PM you my number.

Frank, I’ll talk to my chauffeur about that comp.

I’m outside of DC, so if there was a small event that wasn’t just a couple hour casual ride I’d drive up.

Philly ride? wheres nick at

I’m about and hour and a half from Philly, but would make the trip if there were some rides going on. A friend of mide I ride with up here would most likely come along as well. My brother lives in Jenkentown and would probably be interested in some Philly area riding also.


Does Joe Graff not ride much anymore either?

Hey I live right outside of Philly and work in there so let me know. This could help out my riding. I can just ride foward and that’s it (5 miles is my furthest).

next sunday philly ride?

I think I am down. I’ll get back to you with a consensus.

Where? When? What time? What type of riding?

I may be able to get free next Sunday.

Send me a PM when we have details.

sunday, 12:00, u of pen, street/trials. hows that sound?

This Sunday I have a group ride and BBQ to go to(sport bike event).

Do you mean next Sunday (this Sunday) or next week’s Sunday? I am down for either (or both) since Penn is 1 mile from my apartment.

what is the best for everyone

I am near pittsburghs just to put it out there. Anybody near me?

Next Sunday it is!

damb i cant. How about the 19th. lets try to get lots of people out for this. come on guys

I live in the Philly burbs, but I can’t do trials type stuff (yet). Still learning basic stuff