pa ride

i loved my first skate park experince and i loved rideing with SWAT so i think we should do it aghan maby a new location? maby new riders? what do you think?

I’d be up to going. It be keul if we could make it a weekend, or all day event.

yah thats what i was thinking do you have a date/place in mind

How about a Natural trials ride at Candytown just outside Hershey PA?

Pix of the rocks here

I have never been but I have heard a ton of good things about this location for trials, they hold motorcycle trials and bike trials comps there frequentlly. I figure its worth a trip to check it out.


That would be sick to ride. I am up for it. When?

i say june like after the 18th (no more school)

I vote for third weekend in May.

End of May is better for me…

im up to it. i hope i can have my muni finished by then.

end of may is good but where the place in hershey look good. your thoughts?

I don’t really care where we ride, the point is to get together with other unicyclists and have a good time.

However, I think UPA and SWAT should meet like once a week for a ride in various parts of Philly. That would be sweeeeeeeet.

that would be sweeeeeeeeeeet indeed

so im thinking may 21 at the place in hurshey aneyone else in?

I’d want to go, but is there any way to make this a 2 day event or ride something besides natural trials?

we could ride some where in phily the next day

That would be great.

i just got my report card from school and it dosint look good. so i dont think i will be joining you on this ride. my mom said i could only go if i got all b’s by the ride(dont think its gona hapen)so you guys have fun without me

That kinda sucks…

yes it dose