PA MUni Friendly Races Sept/Oct 2012

I’ve posted these in years before but it bears repeating:

The Month of Mud series (well over 20 years old) welcomes unis. If you’re interested in doing any of the races, reply here and I’ll be able to get you details about the MUni start times. We usually try to go out a bit early at Ohiopyle to stay out of the way of the bikes. Last year the Super D course took me 1hr 22 min on a brakeless 24.

The first race of the series, on September 23, is at Moraine State Park which will be the site of the Advanced (or Intermediate) and Expert MUni for NAUCC 2013 (or 2013 Unicycle Nationals as we’re referring to it for the general public). If you want to check out the fun before next summer here’s your chance!

The Yellow Creek Monthly Grassroots Racing also welcomes MUnis. The courses are great. They’re typically in the 11-13 mile range, so they may be a bit long for some. They’re well worth it though.

Lastly, the New Bethlehem Peanut Butter Festival allows MUnis. The site says there will be a Sport and Expert distance this year. In prior years there’s only been a 14.5 mile distance. I don’t know if that is considered their Sport or Expert distance. The 14.5 mile distance is for Expert MUni riders only.

I’ll be at all of the races in the links. If anyone wants to make a weekend out of it let me know and we can arrange riding on the other day. As far as Moraine goes, we’ll (the Butler Wobble) be helping with course set up so that Saturday may be a bit busy.

The Month of Mud Moraine race is tomorrow. We’ll be starting around 9ish in case anyone wants to join us. The plan is to ride the NAUCC 2013 Expert Course.

MUni riders: I hope you’re either at Minnesota MUni Weekend, The MUni Race in Albany, or here in Butler, PA. That is of course unless you’re more than a day’s drive from any of these events. The organizers have put a lot of work into all 3.

It’s a great time to be unicycling!