P.T barnum and bailey unicycling tightrope arcoss niagra falls

it raised a heated argument with one of my friends who thinks he knows much about everything.

so has anyone ever heard it was done?

anyone know?

it sounds too far-fetched considering the P.T barnum and bailey’s circus was like 100 years ago.

I grew up 20 minutes from Niargara Falls (Buffalo, NY).

There is a cool Museum, highlighting the exploits of folks who went over the falls/did silly stunts above the falls.

While there have been folks who tight-rope walked over PARTS of the rocky outcrops, I can’t recall seeing any stuff about aomeone unicycling over it, but I haven’t been to the Museum in a few years.

Something to consider…The gorge is about half a mile across (US to Canadian Side)!

Hope this helps,


Unicycles have often been ridden on tightropes.

Parts of the Gorge have sometimes been walked across by tightrope.

I think you may have conflated the two ideas.

To ride a unicycle on a tightrope, you need to remove the tyre and tube so that the wheel rim fits over the rope.

To set up a tightrope over a very wide span (e.g. Niagara falls Gorge) you need numerous guy ropes and parallel rops and stuff. A tightrope needs to be under tension (hence “tight” rope") but will never be anything like perfectly straight or rigid after a certain length. The guy ropes and so onare there to hold the majn rope more or less straight and still for the performer.

I wonder whether the joints/knots/splices would be an obstacle for the wheel.

Certainly, I wouldn’t try it.

Not sure about the uni over Niagra, but P.T Barnum and Bailey’s circus may have started “like 100 years ago”, as you say, but it is still going strong. It tours the U.S. every year still. Not that I’m into that sort of thing. I’m a much bigger fan of Cirque Du Soleil.

I saw a man riding a tight rope at a zoo, I told him i could ride a unicycle. He said riding on the rope is actualy easier than riding on the ground.

There was a tightwire act over Niagara Falls MANY years ago, maybe in the 1940s or so. The guy made it look too easy, walking backwards, 2-high, I think bicycle, maybe unicycle. But because he made it look too easy, people lost interest.

The Great Blondin?

BIRD’S-EYE TOUR: Conclusion & Ordering Information - … Charles Blondin was once the greatest tightwire artist in the world. A plaque down the river from Niagara Falls memorializes his feat of crossing the gorge …
circus – Encyclopædia Britannica - … acrobat J. Léotard (1838–70), and Charles Blondin’s crossings of Niagara Falls on a … A misstep on the tightwire seems to elicit greater distress in the …
acrobatics – Encyclopædia Britannica - … trapeze by J. Léotard, as well as Charles Blondin’s crossing of Niagara Falls on a … and Codonas on the flying trapeze, Con Colleano on the tightwire, and the …
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Discourse: Dongshan and Shenshan Cross the River - … If you want to walk a tightwire over Niagara Falls, you start with wire that is stretched two feet off the ground. You step onto it and you fall off. …
Welcome to my game. Since you are playing this game, I can tell … - … When you open your eyes, you wish you hadn’t. You now find yourself on a swaying tightwire, a hundred meters over Niagara Falls (the Canadian side). …