just thought i’d let u gazz fans know… they have 24x3.0


Muchas gracias!

de nada

might i add the price is pretty cheap too!

www.unicycles.com.au has quite a few in stock too, for those Australians and New Zealanders in the market.


looking at that tire is making my mouth water :()_

from what I’ve read, the duro wildlife is a tire equally as good as the Gazz for less. Something to think about if you aren’t entrenched in gazz-lovin’. :slight_smile:

y dont u post this thread in the trading post place???

similar. not the same. gazz (for some) is much better for muni because of the squarer profile. i run a duro because when i needed a new 24x3, i couldn’t get a gazz. i like it but might buy a gazz which i like a little better.

just to be fair, i run a duro, just lettin the gazz people know
i think gazzes look nice but i’ve never tried one for more than a few minutes, it’s just heavier than the duro… can’t compare performance otherwise