P.S.A. - 661 4x4's on sale for $22.95

(P.S.A. = Public Service Announcement)

Came across them here.

Just sharin’ the luv.

Thanks for sharin’ my brother. Just bought two. Incerdible price for those puppies.


that IS an incredible price. I hope they’re still around at that price when i need new ones…

nice!!! just ordered a pair for myself!!! i hope medium fits me!!!

They’re also available from BlueSkyCycling.com at the same prices (for you West Coasters, you’ll get faster shipping from here).

BSC also offers a combo kit: 2x4 arm guards + 4x4 leg guards for $39.99

I’ve ordered from BSC and got incredibly fast turnaround on my order… just three days from order to opening my package :slight_smile:

Man, I ordered from sixsixone a week ago and bought some for 40. Ha o well.


here, here

when i get home(i am at my cousion’s) i am going to buy me some


Mann i seriously just ordered a pair… like… less then 5 hours ago…and payed 42 dolars… but… well it was from the local dirt bike shop… so if they dont fit… i get to … like… not have to pay… and worry bout shipping… woo…

stilll ug… thats an awesome deal!

do they ship to canada? cause that’d be sweet unless shipping is crazy

Thanks Jason. I was about to order from Greenfish, when at the last minute, I thought oh, maybe I better read farther down the thread. Bingo!
Saved a whopping 2 bucks on shipping. Hhehe, it’s the little things in life.