Ozzys/New Zealanders

I went to Australia and New Zealand on a ‘People to People’ Student Ambassador trip. I visited schools in Toowoomba and Taronga(?) and went along the East coast of ‘Oz’ and to Byron Bay and some farm out somewhere (i’ll get the actual name of the place when I get home). Then we went to New Zealand and went to a zoo with keas and kiwis and soft-billed ducks. My friend Damien and I stayed with a family in Taronga(?) who made us cheeseburgers for dinner our first night. The cheeseburgers had a fried egg on them - I had no complaints.

I’m hoping that maybe someone will read this and remember when I came there. If you do remember me (or a group of Americans wearing blue shirts) then I might remember you too!

-Joe Burzynski
‘really tall guy’

LATE EDIT: We went to a crater called Terawera and we also took a ferry from the South Island to the North one.

Re: Ozzys/New Zealanders

No I don’t remember you, but I was in Toowomba last month for the Hidden Vale Epic. When were you there?

Oh, I’m sorry, I thought I had specified ‘last summer’. Guess not. From your point of view it would have been last winter :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering there are only about 10 regular posters (that aren’t that regular) from Australia on this board… I’d be surprised if someone posted. Did you try to meet with any unicyclists in NZ or Australia?

Sounds like you stayed in Tauranga, on the east coast of the North Island. You would have visited Mt Tarawera, near Rotorua.

There is an active group of unicyclists in Tauranga as well as several riders in Rotorua but it is unlikely you would have stumbled across any of them without organising ahead of time.

Hope you enjoyed your stay,

Yes, peter.bier, that’s exactly where we went!

I remembered having read something about that active group of unicyclists in Tauranga/Rotorua and was just hoping that maybe someone from there would stumble upon my post and, perhaps, remember me or the group of ambassadors.