oxford giraffe

greetings. a friend gave me a 6 foot Oxford unicycle a while ago and i was wondering if anyone could tell me about how much it’s worth, and any other information about it? it’s a metallic blue color and in very good shape.

all i’ve really managed to find out about it is it’s from the 70’s and was made in japan.

thanks for any info about it,
greg clarke

Tssssk! Tut! Virtually valueless, I’m afraid. No demand for 'em. Cranks go, bearings go, spokes are like spaghetti. Sorry. Tell you what I’ll do: I’ll take it off your hands for a tenner, it’ll do for a hatstand for my old Mum. You won’t get a better offer.

I can see you’re tempted…

(Heh heh heh heh heh! >0) )

sod the value of the giraffe, i’m trying to figure out the value of a friend who’ll give u a 6ft giraffe!

An outstanding and, too often, overlooked point. Lose the cranks, lose the chain, lose the saddle, but don’t ever lose the friend.