Grr, And here was me telling people it’s almost impossible to injure yourself badly when riding a unicycle… I’ve just been trying to get saddle out, came off sideways and didn’t get my foot out in time… Landed on my outstreched arm, and now I can’t move my elbow :frowning:


sorry to hear it mate, hope it gets better soon, finally my ligament is almost healed in my foot now which means i can start riding properly without holding back to much again.

man, that sucks. Hope you get better soon.

Last night I crank grabed a metal see-saw (about 10" wide) in the wet, and jumped onto it, but slipped and landed on the top of my leg on the see-saw… it gave me a dead leg all last night and today.

Tom, thats great that you can start to ride with holding back! Shame about BUC though!


ahh im not too bothered about BUC actually i enjoyed it so thats all that matter, and theres always next year

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Definitely not impossible. About a month ago I took a serious header off the front trying to pedal too fast. Landed on my shoulder and got a slight collar bone separation. Still healing but at least I’m also still riding. Also smacked my head on the pavement at the same time. Lucky I was wearing a helmet.

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> Grr, And here was me telling people it’s almost impossible to injure
> yourself badly when riding a unicycle… Bob

Bob-- I learned firsthand that one can get injured semi-badly whilst
fiddlin’ with the unicycle. Last month 13 April), whilst I was
attempting a way-too-enthusiastic freemount on a shallow incline, I
was slammed into the asphalt hard enough to cleanly break a rib
(number 10, left side) with my elbow. A rather freakish fall, no
doubt. But yet another example of an unfortunate accident, and one
that was not prevented by the use of a helmet, leather gloves,
wristguards, kneepads, and high-top leather boots. The upshot is that
injuries do occur, and usually when one least expects them to do so.

Any physical activity is going to have the possibility of injury, especially when falling down and/or speed is concerned. Sorry about your elbow. Compare this to my friend who slipped on a wet floor a couple of months ago, coming straight down on his butt with his arm stretched exactly perpindicular to the ground. He broke his wrist in several places (compound fracture I guess, though bones did not break the skin). He has only recently graduated to a cast, after wearing a bracket on his arm with bolts and pins holding the bones in place.

The total time will be several months of healing, followed by several more of rehabilitation (his arm is all skinny now) and almost a guarantee of having arthritis in that wrist in later life. And he was on two feet!

I fell off midway across a teetertotter Saturday afternoon and landed on my hands. I’ve had it wrapped up since, and finally decided I should go to the clinic and get it looked at. Turns out I have a fracture at the base of my thumb. I have an appointment with a hand surgeon Friday morning.

Here is what my left thumb looks like as of this afternoon…


At least it looks like a small, clean break.
I can relate to your situation. I shattered my right thumb in 9 places back in October.

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On Wed, 12 May 2004 21:25:01 -0500, “Krashin’Kenny” wrote:

>I shattered my right thumb in 9 places
>back in October.

I never even knew there were that many places in a single thumb :slight_smile:

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be sure to remove the saddle and simply sit on the seat post. this is far more comfortable - tennisgh22 on the comfort of Savage unis

Neither did I until I got my nose broken in 5 different places.


Wait till you see a video of a nose job. They basically break up the nose into tiny bits with a hammer and punch and then put a mold over the top of it so that it heals into the new shape. :frowning:

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It’s hard to see all the fractures in these pictures, but check out this thread from awhile back:


I was going to mention how I sliced my knee last night after trying to ride down some steps (actually, I had just ridden down a couple of the steps and was stepping off the uni after deciding not to ride down the rest of them when I fell), but as I continued to read down the list of posts I was overcome with feelings of inadequacy that my slight wound didn’t actually leave me requiring medical attention.
Well, I say it didn’t need medical attention, but my girlfriend did make me put a plaster on it when I went to bed so I wouldn’t bleed everywhere.
…however, I did draw the line at using one of the ‘Barbie’ plasters that she first offered me.

The most annoying thing about it all is I had my knee pads with me, but decided to leave them in the car as I didn’t think I’d need them.

So, I’ve learnt my lesson.


Heh, I’ve seen the videos… I’ve had a nose job after my nose got broken… On another note, it appears I managed to break my arm :frowning:


That SUCKS!!!
Hope you heal quickly :slight_smile: