OWNL Quistions

I have been looking at for a good learning dvd for unicycle. I don’t have much money, I live in the middle of know where, and have no one to teach me some tricks. I have read some of the posts about this dvd and thought that it might be a good one for the price (on ebay), but I was wondering how well it teachs. Does it show the tricks well, is it clear picture, does it have a lot of tricks, etc.

I have already heard about the music and will turn that off.


In the meantime, this site http://unicyclist.org/ has lots of great videos which you might find helpful.

One Wheel - No Limit is not a how to video. It’s more of a skills demonstration video. It’s video of practice sessions at TCUC (Twin Cities Unicycle Club) with riders demonstrating a variety of skills. They’ll start with a basic skill like one foot riding and then keep developing it with different variations. Things like one foot extended out front, one foot extended out back, one foot backwards, etc. Then they’ll move on to a different skill like mounts and show a whole bunch of mounts with the mounts progressing from the basic to the more difficult. The whole video is like that. Start with a basic skill and show a bunch of variations on that skill.

What OWNL is good for is getting you to go “Ohhhh!, I never thought of doing that like that. Now I need to try that.” There is no how to instruction in the video. The video will get you thinking about variations on skills that you wouldn’t come up with on your own.

If you just want to see short little video clips then Leo’s Unicyclist.org site has lots of little video clips demonstrating lots of different skills.
skill level skills videos
standard skills videos
freestyle skills videos
performance videos
and more

Unicyclist.org has lots of individual clips. OWNL has more inspiration.