Owen's "second" movie

Since there was a thread awhile back asking to see my “second” movie, I’ve asked my friend Nick to host it on his site ( http://evil.linuxfreak.ca ) and so he did (thanks Nick!).

It’s up on http://evil.linuxfreak.ca/univid/made_in_france.wmv

But let me tell you I spend ALOT less time ridding, filming and editing for this movie as I did for my first one ( http://evil.linuxfreak.ca/univid/owen.wmv )

I only spent maybe around two days ridding and most of the stuff is pretty basic but I must say it DOES make a nice souvenir video of my short trip to France.


Awesome video! Very nice riding, and that anonymous biker guy was rad.

Whoa! 60 mb! Still downloading it…

Yeah, I like to keep the quality high in my videos so they don’t seem so much like “internet videos”.

If you catch my drift…

Sweet video! You get some crazy height on your rolling hops. They look so effortless too. Very impressive. Nicely done.

nice videos (both of them), I actually liked the made in france video better but they’re both awesome, good riding, liked the part when you were playing “horse” with that bike trials guy, plus all the landings in the trash can.

Man…but I wish I had a handle though…I could likely get like 3" more…

w00t riding along that wall one footed…never seen that before!

you pwned the biker :slight_smile:


hey owen,

i use to ride with handle and i can get some pretty good height on my rolling hops. Looks like u have a viscount, go for the reeder handle best $ ive ever spent

awesome video to keep it up


Swick video dude. Looks like mega fun.

In download.

Can’t wait to see this, I’ll be sure to comment once I’ve seen it.

I always like the camera angles where you’re followed when you gap between the rocks.

you sure did get mileage out of that trash can, that was cool!@

Then, HORSE!

Mod Wheel Madness!!!

Way to run into a trials biker, he did a great job keeping up. I am a fan of trials biking, and he did some things I haven’t seen before. The way he worked those stairs was impressive. I haven’t seen them hop up them like that before. Looks like you had a great time riding with him. :slight_smile:

I always appreciate your movies.

Great job. :smiley:

Disgusting music, as usual. (From the viewpoint of a classical fan. Maybe some Shostakovitch or Khachaturian next time, eh.)

Other than that, very good. You make trials fairly interesting, more than just hopping around, which gets pretty boring. The thing with the trials biker was great.

Was that French rap?

yes, cause you see…the idea was: French ridding, French music…

I don’t usually listen to such crap but I thought it would work well for the movie.

It only took about 5 minutes for me to download.

Great riding,great video!the music went pretty well with it,too.

What was with the “french people need to pick up after their dog” ?i didnt get it.

/woopwoop da da da da da woopwoop!\

You would if you went to France.

They don’t pick up after their dogs…I stepped in “it” three times before I wisened up. After that you start seeing it anywhere…trust me, you can’t miss it.

Ah Putain!!!Vachement long le loading de ce putain de vidéo clip!!! jk lol hey guys about super duper french crap…im mean rap…there is cool video with this awesome music :roll_eyes: of Yoggy…this Frenchie guy, on www.koxx-one.com u should download Au Taquet lol…then there is hardcore french music lol…have fun

I’m digging on the French hip-hop, and the head-to-head trials comp with the anonymous guy. Way to represent for us one-wheelers! w00t!

Your trials riding is inspiring… keep riding, and post some more video!

My friend who just recently moved there is learning to unicycle so I guess there might be new unicycle VS bike horse trails battles going on in the future…

I sure hope my friend learns fast so we can have a blast when he comes back to Montreal for the vacations.