owens second movie

anybody know where owens second movie is? or where i can see it?

Cool! a thread about me!:smiley:

Yeah…so my “second” movie is on my pc so you’d have to catch m on aim if you want to see it.

It’s nothign mind-blowing though…just a little clip I made outof around two day sof ridding in france.


is it better then the first one?

not by a long-shot.

ke-word: two “days” riding

also i still dont believe your 15

If only the beer-man thought like you

I still cant see the first one.

By Beer I mean Movie ticket guy… but beer-man rolls off the tongue

just go to Nick’s unicycling page and right click on the link to my movie. Then do save target as. Once the download is completed look for it on your pooter and right click on it again to do play with: and choose what program you want to use.

oops forgot link http://evil.linuxfreak.ca/univid/owen.wmv

Dude nice video exept there wasnt any sound or is my comp just messed up?


your comp is messed up…makes me kindof mad because the best part WAS the sound. I spend alot of time making the sound and the imgaes match…ah well…

yes the sound was amazingly good :smiley: well picked

i still dont get the stupid people thing in the begining

t’was funny…My friend was messing around just befire I got the line and It made me laugh…SO I kept it.

(btw, the “stupid people” are these annoying french people)

NIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice vid!