Owen's second movie?

Ok, so I’ve about started editing my “Made in France” video but then I realised: “how in hell did I get so much footage?”

By saying “so much footage” I basicly mean different shots of the same scene.

Now my question is this: Would you rather have a long (about 6min) video with some of the same scenes shown more than once? I understand that this could be interresting for the technical analysis of let’s say my hop onto the ping-pong table…


Would you rather have me keep it short but kindof tangy?


PS: yes, I do realise this thread may be regarded as “useless”.

Long, if not both I’d say. Can’t wait to see it.


Long, or both, like Andrew said. Hurry up with it, haha, just kidding. I actually remember you saying you were making this and have been expecting it.


i loved the first one good music good uniing it was asome so i hope the second will be as good or btter cant wait :slight_smile:

as a trials rider, i insist that you show everything.

Re: Owen’s second movie?

As Tom Robbins said in Still Life With Woodpecker, it’s all about CHOICE.

Different angles, with slow mo so we can critique your technique (or in my case go “Damn I wish I could ride like that!”) Just remember to set MovieMaker to make s amller file size this time :wink:

im always a fan of longer (now that i have dsl :))

in fact i wished they hadn’t edited so much out of universe 2 and left it with only 1/2 hour of footage…i’d much prefer a less edited 1 hour version!

longer = better

full body shots = better (imo, i like to see more than just the wheel)


Personally I prefer short and sweet… if it’s good then I don’t mind watching it a few times… or in the case of U2, too many times…

Yeah, so I’m about done wiht the movie…

Who’s up for a 68 meg upload!? :frowning: :frowning:

I don’t get it…why…so…big!?

Anyways…it’s a rather funky movie but be warned the second part contains absolutly northing breathtaking whatsoever.

And In my opinion is rather boring…especially them stairs…BUT I decided to keep them for souvenir purposes…

just make a bunch of little ones like andrew carter does


Owen, open up movie maker, and drag yer finsihed movie into the time line. Then save it. Give it a size you’d like it to be, like 20M, adn then let it chug away… That’s what I did with “Body Movin’” :wink:

where is the movie? im wondering where i can see it?