Owen's Movie is finished...

Ok, so my movies is finally finished… but it’s running longer than expected. It’s 11 minutes long and at 100MB I doubt I’ll find anywhere to upload it.

Can someone help me out?

What’s this unicyclist.tv thing about? Would they let me upload it there?

I can’t read their website cause it’s in another language…

The unicyclist.com gallery says you can upload things up to 128mb. Have you tried it there yet?

you can upload things in the gallery up to 100MB, more than that, I think…

is that what it is?! Awesome. Cause I remember when I wasn’t able to put my last movie on it and it was only 25MB.

That was with the old forum though…

I Wanna See It

output it in 4 sections, or 2 maybe, like part 1, part 2 etc. and we’ll view them in order.

At least put something up tonight…

nah man… that’s a bad idea… it kills the flow… anyways… I’ll give it a shot.

try http://www.megaupload.com/

or you could use winrar to compress and hack it up into tiny pieces and we could just download the pieces and put em back together again with winrar.

i wanna see it! i wanna see it! i wanna see it cue deep evil voice NOW.

noooooo… cause that’s boring for everybody… I just want a place where we can upload it… then people can watch it

If I had to cut it up I’d be angry… cause that’s not how I entended it to be watched…

google videos?

they do some pretty large filesizes…

well with the whole winrar thing once it is decompressed its one big file again, but it means you can upload it to pretty much anything as you can set the size the files to whatever you want.

I hope you will find a solution so that I can go sleep…

anyway im sure that the waiting will be worth it

Google videos could work… but I don’t have a google account know what I’m saying?

if you want i could give you an invite for gmail, which would give you an account?
just pm me

me too.
I still have 50. They refreshe them like, once every two days.

that is like, one hell of a great movie.
Good job defending yourself against them security peoples.
Really, really good movie.
That is surely a keeper.

I must’ve missed the link? :S