Owen's movie is finished....somewhat

Oh, and btw, my still-stand in that movie suxored…I can do 15secs sometimes…

is that song by the beasty boys?

it’s by the BeastIE Boys/fatboy slim remix.

Body Movin’

Awesome movie.

Awesome choise in music.

Awesome music, and a good video, But wayy too many eyeballs.

nice vid, u got some trialsin skills

, i hated the music though, its only good for about 30 seconds then it gets quite repetitive.

beastie boys right?


Hey buddy, man that is one of the best Trials i have ever seen. Your incredible, your drops are amazing, and you jumps are incredible. You insipired me to take my unicycle out today and try out some jumping and such. I’ve been unicycling for 4 years and never done any of that, and it pretty well came natural to me…almost! Can’t beleive i hadn’t tried any trials kind of stuff before, so much fun. O well, jut wondering, how long have you been doign trials and what kinda unicycle do you have? Ur amazing, keep it up.

I`ve learned how to unicycle last summer (2003) but’ve only been into trials since march (at Toque).

Anyways, I`m off ot go do some more filming for my next movie.


damn those yellow shopping carts to hell

Amazing video!

The first line was awesome. Look forward to seeing more videos soon. :slight_smile:

Awesome movie! I loved the natural trials line, and of course the bench backrest to rock gap…and the fall towards the end. It was all great.


here’s a review my dad got from one of his clients:


I saw your kid’s movie.

He is a genius.

Keep him out of a chemistry lab and, for the sake of humanity, far, very far away from a physics lab… at least until he gets - at minimum - three years of university level mathematics, preferably in chaos theory concentrations.

Under no circumstances must he ever, ever touch nutrino particle theory, unless at the pHd level, and only under the strict supervision of a Pentagon approved, MIT (or Cambridge) think tank.

Until then, keep him well away from any unshielded radiation sources. He has already had a big enough dose so far.

Alternatively, send him to the Pensicola Naval Aviation school right away. He needs to be put in a centrifuger to see at what level he passes out. If they don’t accept him because of his Canadian citizenship, send him to Germany with the German Air Force (the centrifuger test is their “pilot killer” in terms of testing ability to maintain balance in zero gravity). He will be able to get into the European space program and from there, to NASA via the back door. This guy will make it into space, one way or the other. With the math, he can become a flight and payload specialist, and pilot the sucker whilst inverted in a spiral hammer head corkscrew spin, all gyroscopes having failed because the computer chips were bought from the lowest bidder.

But until then, away from Chemistry and Physics labs. He is liable to mix two things that have never been mixed together before, put it somewhere where it shouldn’t belong and make it do things it ain’t supposed to do, and he will prove Kurt Vonneghut absolutely right - the universe blew up all along, except we haven’t realized it yet. Your kid will bring us to that realization in our time scheme using his reference points to square and level the four dimensions in one bounce… and boom!


Pure genius.

Dieu ciel…God help us all…


(hurray! my first post!)

what type of trails uni do you ride?

dude it’s trIals not trails

sorry my fault next time ill read over it before i send it


Nothin’ shnazzy exept fro the hub/crank set.

Yuni frame
untied saddle (oOOoh yeah!)
Snafu pedals (not a real big fan of them)
death seat-post clamp
alex rim.
luna tyre
and dying spokes (makes my uni really jumpy)

that’s pretty much it

oh wait! the secret ingredient!

tender loving abuse.

Booo no!

Also, does Feel-X uni too, or is he just your cameraman?

Camera-man and acolyte (he can’t ride yet but soon…yes…very soon now…).


so weres the movie?

all i can find at that website is some pictures and other movies.weres your movie?