Owen's movie is finished....somewhat

So yeah, my movie is finished and whoever wants to watch it is free to do so.

It’s a good movie. Not a great one though. I’ll try to bring you guys a great one next week as I film: “Made in France”. Later on this year I’ll also be making another movie:" Winter Wonderland" But that one won’t be out until about March.

Anyways, for those of you who want to watch it:


This is Evil_Nick’s web-site so feel free to take a look around while you’re at it.

hope you like it.


Btw: it’s a BIG file…so you might wan’t to put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of tea.

You’re welcome!

Oh yeah, thanks to Obie for trying really hard to get my movie online.


Oh, and of course…THANKS NICK!!!

That was a really kick ass movie dude…If I don’t see more of that I’ll be sad. The wall-rides were so awesome…gonna have to go learn that now.

Good Job

Sweeet movie, the wall riding part was awesome. And your rolling hops were quite good too.

I can do 32" but didn’t film any…

united saddle…etc…etc…

Nice movie. Big nothin! I love huge files, I Dl’ed this puppy in less than 1 minute, and Loved it… Awesome.

Flippin sick! The best line was the first one, from the bench backrest to the rock, that was awsome. The fall was good too.

Do you have AIM?


oh, so now that you see that I’m good you wan’t to talk to me is that it!? haha…yeah, I have aim and the name is Murde Mental.

Btw, I cleared the lastt line the first time but some one walked infront of the camera so I had to redo it…and you saw what happened…

awesome. youve got some big moves there. i agree with sabin about that rock line. my only complaint is the one bare chested shot. so did you get the rail line you missed about half way through? good job, keep up the good work!

Actually I never did get that line…t’was getting late… I just thought it was a classy bail, so I added it.

Although I DID get the last line of horrendous pain. But some woman walked infront of the camera so I had to redo it…and that’s when IT happened…

Are you the only one in the movie, or were there riders other than yourself? Because I remember you saying there aren’t any riders near you…

He was just the cameraman. I am the rider. It is me exclusively.

Wow Kev, you lost a lot of weight.

Oh, right, that’s what I was thinking. Thanks ObiWan.
( :


:: Pelvic Thrust ::

Man owen those were some sick moves you had goin on there. I like alomost everything I saw. Im lookin forward to the next one you make. Anyone that hasnt watched this yet than I would do so because it had some cool stuff. And I ve seen some good riding but that was some good riding!!!


sweet movie dude im just a begginer and cant do that much but after seeing that you inspired me so much
thank you :slight_smile:

Nice movie. It made me wanna ride and get good more than any other movie I’ve recently seen. Including U2. Keep them coming. Great riding. A lot of times I thought you would pedal grab but you went straight to rubber.


Yeah, there were other ridders in the clips (not ridding though):

  • Vincent Lemay and Simon (don’t know his last name).

Anyways, next time I report will likely be from France HURRAY!!