OWA getting close to release

all the editing has been done…

just a little more hiccups… then she’ll be ready

11th in the australasia area.

in the US by the 20th novemeber at the latest

Looks like it’ll be good… Where are u selling it in Australia??? How much is it going to be and how much for postage to the NT??? Hope it’s as good as the trailer was!!!

i knew i forgot to add something.

cost is $25 AUD

and $16US. its fairly expensive for feature time of 24 minutes only because im getting it replicated in the US as well as here.

a very good video for your extreme unicycling collection definitley

you should have now:

one tyred guy
universe 2
spaced out
and one wheel addiction

being my first video and australian unicycling’s first video. im setting the bar…

A high energy jammed packed stunt video with hardcore street and trials. a splash of muni and about 20minutes of bonus feature footage as well. so heaps of stuff.
definitley worth it.

check out www.unicycles.com.au gary will tell you how much postage will cost.
everything is availible through www.unicycles.com.au

shamelessly plugged once again

Who are the riders featured?

where can i see the trailler

Drew, the trailer is at their site : Or Click to Download it. Looks Awesome. Who will be selling it. A distributor or a person, and how can I get in contact with them to pre-order one!

very cool trailler

ok featured riders are

the very famous

Alex Toms
Luke Hilderbraat
Dan Cowling
Nic Vevers
Dale Newbery and
Andrew Carter

dan heaton is selling in the US from Sykoproductions… hopefully

does that trailer still work? cool

any plans for europe?