ow ow ow......

last nite i was doin a halloween show for some of the kids in my building. and my show stopper was me standing on an upright log about 5in acrose and 2 ft high and juggling my torches.(that was a bad idea) anyways i lost my ballance and fell off the log landing on my back and if that wasnt bad enough one of the torches fell right smack dab on my chest…that was very hot!!! luckily my sister/fire marshall ran to me with the extinguisher and put the fire on my shirt out. now this is a trick that i have done before and it worked fine in practice but i guess you can never be too sure can ya… anyways now i have a big burn on my chest…its not severe and it should just turn into a scar but neverthe less. still hurts.

that sucks. but it’ll be a good story for the kids!

a good story indeed. did the kids laugh at you or were they nice?

well the kids thought it was part of the act but the parents were somewhat helpful…but i owe my chest to my sister . she saved me

Ouch…hope you heal up nicely. :smiley:

Tell them you got the scar in a battle to the death against a Hellhound.

i like that one