OW! my leg - no riding for me

Out riding tonight my pedal hit me in the shin, not hard-enough to penetrate the covers on my roaches - however the plastic bit and the general action of the pads dragging has caused a 2 inch split in my my leg to the bone.
I’ve just returned from hospital and am so mifed I just had to post something.

Apparantly It’ll take 2 weeks till the stitches are removed untill which time I’m not allowed to uni AT ALL!


What were you doing when this happened? And of course if you were only riding you have to make up some amazing story. heheh. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d just been trialsing with a load of bike loons (see www.trialsweb.co.uk ) and had just done some funky gapping on my 24.
I landed fine from a knee-height block - then I tried to one foot a bit and my foot slipped - pedal bit shin and the next thing I know I’m leaking and trying to tape the wound together till I get to A&E whilst simultaneously giving the guys a quick anatomy lesson (the solid bit is bone, these are the layers of the skin and this stuff is body fat kind of thing)

Whilst I’m doing all this some essex lads have wandered over having seen me ride and are going “COOL MAN” in my face whilst I’m trying not to bleed to death and whilst trying to phone someone to run me up the A&E as I can suddenly no longer drive. (thanks mum!)

Then whilst I’m in the hospital - up comes liam and says hi! - confused I think he’s ridden here untill I discover another of the gang has slipped on a kerb of all things and knackered his knee - and liams ridden with him in the ambulance.

At least the three of us got to sit and chat while we waited I suppose!

ahhh bike trials :smiley:

I was on one of my 24 inch Unicycles at the time (prototype frame no 2) - I don’t ride anything with 2 wheels anymore.

I find it’s easier to match the bike trials guys speed around the streets on the 24 - and besides it’s harder to do stuff on so when I get back on a 20 it’s like riding a dream.

Cor… some of the videos on that site and the sister site are extremely impressive.

How did you keep up with them on one wheel? Not in terms of speed, but in terms of heights, distances… a few of the videos are of them jumping straight up four foot walls, which surely must be nigh on impossible on a uni.

Phil, just me

In terms of speed I use the 24 and as to height - I just have to jump hard and pedalgrab with the grank aligned straight up - it gives me another few inches.
But yeah - some of them are just to high.
A few are doing nearly 5 foot walls.