OW! my groin!

Hey peoples, Ive been getting back into my more hardcore unicycling and im having slight dificulty. When I try to do 180 uni spins I smash my groin on the seat handle. :astonished: I dont know how it happens but I end up on my knees holding my genitals. Also, I dont have the guts to do crank flips or any of that stuff… It scares me. Anyone know how i can save my testicals? lol. I mean, ive read up in the posts about how to do these things, but anyone know how to unispin without catching my groin? thankyou.

Were tight cycling shorts underneath your pants

mabey it is how you are standing try bending ur knees more

Are you doing them and landing SIF, or landing seat in?

Post a video if you can.

well, which way should I land, im trying to do sif landings but i just ended up slamming the end of the seat into my groin, well, i cut off the seatpost and lowered it a bunch so i may not do that anymore

Cut your groin off. Problem solved!

seat in drops are fine. I do my hight (about 6ft) i guess pretty often seat in. Its fine. Just bend ur knees but not too much as to touch the saddle obviously. SIF is fine too, but at 6ft+ i dont feel confident droping SIF. Maybe i should try i mean it cant be that bad. hell i’ll try it next time i’m out

I don’t wear mine under, much better over

Yeah, post a video. Not that we’ll be able to help much… but at least it’ll make us giggle :smiley:


It could help a little. =p

How well do you land SIF drops and gaps? Seems like your really putting it close to you when you jump. Try to get more comfortable with holding, riding, jumping, and landing SIF. This way, you can land with it out form your body, and still have control.

land them seat in or seat out
dont try to land it as both. that is what happens when you do.

:smiley: Was this the type of pain you were in??? :smiley: