"Overture" {Street/Flat}


We made this vid just for fun. It was made in 2 days of filming.

I know, the riding isn’t so good, but i wanted to put more effort in filming and editing.

UTV and Vimeo will come soon…

Drop a comment if you like it or not.


Ouch nice bail :smiley: liked the video too

That was cool, the treyflip down that gap was awesome.
After a while I was wondering if there was going to be any unicycling in it :stuck_out_tongue:

Liked the editing and the riding was still great. My only question is what video editing program do you use? I use Sony Vegas and i cant figure out how to increase the speed of the video past 4 times faster to get the clouds moving so quickley. Was wondering if you knew what i could do. Thanks.

Josh Kobylski

I use Vegas. To speed up a clip, hold the ctrl key and click and drag the end of the clip toward the left (assuming you’re on a PC).

Awesome video. All of you have such a clean style. I’d just shorten the intro a little bit :wink: Still great filming and editing. My favorite parts were the fulloutspin off the big rock, and the treyflip down that bank thing :stuck_out_tongue:

nice little video :wink:
but i didn´t like the letters and this wave efekt in the end^^u have stolen so much ideas from me lol :smiley:


well eli said to hold the ctrl key but if u hav sped it up 4 times then im geussing thats wat uve already done. wat u can now do is right click the clip and select velocity (itll b in there somewhere). a green line will appear on the clip. u can drag it up to 300% (3x faster) and then crop the clip so it plays once rather 3 times. if u use both techniques then it will b 12x faster. if thats not fast enough for u, render it, then put it back onto the timeline and speed it up again

ok so the video. intro was cool for the first 20-30 seconds but then it dragged on a little. one way to get around this is to carefully crop out bits of the song, but that can only work for some songs i geuss.
2:21 was awsome! so smooth! and the last bail made me lol :stuck_out_tongue:
im starting to b a bit like u and focusing more on the editing rather than the riding lol. sweet edit dude!

thanks for all teh comments…

hää? was denn z.B.?

Thanks man
Yes, i know the intro is a bit too long. But in the song it starts singer about 1min… so i thought i start the riding there. haha

nice vid, as always!

hhmmmmm 1 minute intro to a 2 1/2 minute video… every second trick was either a crank-flip or a unispin or combination of the 2 … just a little boring. Video was well edited though.

undermovie trailer?..

Url: http://einrad.tv/video/1058-Operture
Video: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1058.operture.mov

we wanna do a bigger, longer video in croatia (:

raphi i really like your flips at 2:21.
and elias your in in 3spin down the rock was crazy!
lorenz good^^
editing is also great :slight_smile:

Smooth riding, but could really have used more of it :slight_smile:
Liked the video though, it had a nice relaxed feel to it. Even liked the extra long intro.

Great little film, wicked intro, wicked film. Sweet

du hast das jo ned gstoin ^^ i hob nur durch zufall des mit dem strommasten und dem rauchfang so ähnlich gfilmt wie du :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice video, I liked the trey flip down and the trey back thing much !

PS FOR MOUTON : Maybe next year, you can do a clean back roll flip to warp roll :stuck_out_tongue:

ja felix jz passts ja…:stuck_out_tongue:

haha… xD Il est très merde. : D