oversized muni frame

My thanks to everyone who has put in their $0.02 about what is good to
look for in a muni frame. I think I’m nearing the end in my questioning.

Having not experiened riding differeing sized wheels on a muni, I do not
feel I can be absolutely certain I know what I want. However, I am
currently planning for a 24" wheel (Gazz 24x3.0 tire), and am reasonably
certain that is what I will want. Now, sould I go for a frame which
acomodates the 24x3.0, or should I go with a frame which can fit a 26x3.0
in case I change my mind down the road?

Are there disadvantages in having a frame designed for a larger wheel then
I plan on using? No, I don’t care about being able to do one-footed, or
wheel walking, or any of that… that’s what my other unicycles are for.

(Of course, if I get into muni like I did traditional unicycling, if I
ever wanted a different wheel, I’d probably eventually end up with
multiple munis, so I can pick and choose what I feel like riding depending
on the terrain.)

Jeff Lutkus

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