Overcoming mental blocks ?

Hi i was wondering if anyone has any special tricks for overcoming mental blocks.I have been trying to learn 360 unispins for about 3 months !!! The frustration is killing me !

Well, a friend of mine has the same problem with 360 unispins and when trying higher hops.
Don’t know what to do about it, but I’m sure someone on this forum has an answer for you.
Consider this as a free kick :wink:

Peter M

Visualize yourself doing the trick or line successfully.

Sometimes I meditate for about 20 min just before bead. If there is something I’ve been struggling w/ I visualize it over and over. The next day I can do it significantly better.

If you think about it enough and see yourself doing it in your mind you WILL be able to do it… i did this just this week with unispins.
Also, dont try things if your not in the right frame of mind to ride, or you will get nowhere!

the moment you start to feel yourself hesitating is the critical moment. thats when you throw it and land it. it all comes down to that moment when you could back down or go for it.

I’ve heard sombody say to try with one hand on an object to keep you in the air for longer. I haven’t tried this though.

I just focus on that and nothing else and decide if I get hurt it doesn’t matter. Pain is pain and your going to get hurt learning stuff so might as well learn it fast. You have to commit, that is the hardest part. You normally get hurt when you don’t fully commit to whatever your doing, I did that a couple days ago. So yeah commit 100% and don’t think of anything besides overcoming the challenge.

The best way to overcome a mental block is to do a mental rolling hop over it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone for the good advice !!! I completely forgot about visualization.

lol i would love to see a vid of that

I have the same problem with 180’s…

-SocietyOfO2 :smiley:

I had the same problem, but I learned it in about 2 or 3 weeks… Still not consistant though.

What you have to do, is stay leaning over it, becase you will find yourself jumping away, and the only possible way to land it by jumping in the opposite direction, is to bring the uni towards you while it is spinning… This makes the trick even harder… Lean over the unicycle rather than jumping away.

Also, learn the 360 unispin mount. I completely skipped this at first, and this really helps in learning to man up and go for the cranks. I didn’t land the 3spin untill I almost mastered the 3spin jump mount… Make sure you have all of that together. You’ll get it eventually.

Visualise it:)