over-worked video

because of some comments that my editing was overdone i undestand what they meant and over-worked it! if you like to watch it ( again maybe) here´s the link : http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=UQofHYt6RdM

Nice video more girls should do extreme unicycling :).

Wow your good and hot 2 :o

Haha. That’s one sweet looking uni!

But you ride it like a girl =D. You’re so delicate with it.

Not bad tricks either.

:slight_smile: i wana go to that skate park

good vid:)

@ amanda: yes i´m going to unicon…in 4 hours i´ll start towards denmark :slight_smile:

Great riding cool video!

hell yeah :slight_smile:

Cool video.

you’re a good rider but you not crazy like you ride so delicate I think you should go crazy jump higher faster and just all around crazier

Was that just some old clips with a few new ones added in?

Anyways it’ always cool seeing chicks ride unicyles, especially street. You should definatley try a 180 out of your grinds.

Not to rag on you but you hit the hubba super slow and kind of just slide down, you don’t bring any of your own momentum…you should work on that.

good riding.

You don’t need to comment on every fucking video! And if you do make them more useful then “I liked the music”. Geeze, I know you are knew and stuff but you don’t need topost everything you think!

lol, your weird.He can if he wants.


Yeah dude… leave the guy alone. if it bothers you so much dont make an ass of yourself and say something on a public forum. just dissregard it and move on with you poor undeserving life.

Sweet video:D

I can’t seem to talk any girls at my college into giving uni a try:(

Your right in some surcumstances, it does get realy anoying but you can just ignore it and move on in your sorry little pathetic life.

Like your laidback ridin’ style whilst doing those moves on the uni.
Quiet power displayed there.