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Still processing but I’m going to bed.
None of the tricks were hard really at all. I was mostly just trying new things and trying to get some style points.
The session with the pallets at the end was the most fun session I think I’ve had.
Comments are appreciated.

31 views and no comments.
Well if it’s that bad I’d like someone to at least tell me.

Cool video, nice skills ;)! And never expect too much comments on this forum xD.

comment percentages seem to fall in the 3-10% range of actual view count. And the same person who leaves a comment may in fact have watched that same video numerous times, but only commented once.:slight_smile: Others who watch either don’t feel they have the time to comment, or maybe just don’t have anything to add if they see other similar comments.

But yeah, we make these videos to share with the uni community, and spend the time to film, edit, and ultimately post them here, so it’s just a nice, considerate gesture to show support by leaving comments. Some will be missed, not purposely, but let’s all try to support each other! Great video btw! :smiley:

i think you forgot a few inches on that gap at the start :wink:

liked the pallet sesh at the end, that always been one of my favourite things to do.

I watch this video three times last night, but I was too tire to comment. I will today!

Nice static side hops. What are you at now? Your learning curve is really good, keep it up.

One thing I didn’t like was the amount of prehops in your “flowy” street lines.

Good hopping feller. The BC was cool as well.
Keep on making vids and posting. I watch and usually comment cause we all like that. Especially good ones. This is a picky bunch it seems :roll_eyes:

Cool vid. That end pallet thing looked like a blast. I’ll have to try that sometime.

2:34 was really stylish. By far my favorite part.

I’ve taken a break from my high jump right now because my form was getting worse and worse it felt. But my highest is like 95cm I think. The ones in the video were only like 90cm or a little less. And I didn’t actually make that first gap. I felt like I made it when I did the gap but when I looked back at the film, I was a little short, but it was starting to hurt my ankles/feet.
Glad people enjoyed the video. It was the most fun I’ve had making a video.

good video man, keep on progressing

Awesome vid, epecially the trick at 2:33ish! Really cool. Nice flow, editing, and riding :slight_smile:

:sunglasses: Nice vid.

On at least one pallet, you may want to paint the top and while it’s still wet cover it w/ really coarse sand, then lightly paint again (the repainting will make it easier to tell if there’s slippery dirt/sand on it). This will give better traction so you prob wouldn’t have slid off. Also good for when it’s raining.

Thanks for the idea. I might do that.

Awesome vid man, your one of my favorite riders right now. You don’t stick purely to trials, you have some big street tricks in there. Perfect mixture.

I liked the sidehop up onto the bed of the truck, is that your truck or your dads truck? I’d be pissed, if I were your dad. Also liked the pallet sesh, especially the fakie slide down it at the end. I’ll have to try that one. It reminded me of that 360 tom pec did in spirit, off the information sign, one of my favorite clips of all time. But enough rambling, awesome vid, hope to some day ride with you.

Wow thanks. Means a whole lot. It’s my truck btw