over the summer holidays...

so it is nearly the summer holidays (for me any way) so i thought this thread could be used to:

  1. state what you want to learn
  2. at the end of the summer holidays say if you sucseeded

sounds fun! so lets go:)

i got a coker and a 24" and rode to town and back on the coker thats about 25miles, feels pretty good for me!

I was going to say fifth flip…but then I though how near the end of the summer is, so Im going to say 540 unispins down

Well, my summer is over on August 19, but by the end of September I would like to be able to ride the entire 2.5 miles to school SIF.

haha that would be cool…
my school is like a 30 minute drive away…
one day i will ride my coker there but i would have to wake up at like 4am to do it though hahaha

I’d like to get 90 degree unispin -> hop on wheel several times -> back to regular down.

Well for me summer is 6 months away. :smiley: So…

  1. Trying to break my speed record when i get a new monster unicycle. If not myself then a member of my team breaking it. :smiley:
  2. Will do. :wink: