over the clouds...

…was it a perfect day:

That is one! awesome! picture!

(sry for double post)

I didn’t see the other ones the first time. They were cool too!

Über den Wolken, muss die Freiheit vol grenzenloss sein…:smiley:

great pic. thanks for sharing

Beautiful picture. Your arm position makes it so perfect.

This one should definately be published. Its the sort of thing you’d find in National Geographic, don’t you think?

thanks for the comments! :smiley:

Awesome pic! Can you upload it in a bigger resolution?

pn me your email, so i’ll send it to you…

that my friend is close to perfection, awesome photo

Wow! Excellent. What mountains are you in?

the alps, liechtenstein is between austria and switzerland, a very small country…
160 km2

Beautiful photo.

AspenMike has some competition.