Hey all
I was just wondering how many of you have ever experienced over practising?

I have lately been learning SIF trials and hav a pb of 50cm and have been improving fast. however lately I have hit a wall and cant get any higher, as a result ive been trying harder and harder to get higher but at the end i just feel like i am worse then when i started.

Any thoughts on the matter?

(perhaps it is just my technique?)

work on something else for a while then go back to it.

I agree. Sometimes you might lose confidence if you hurt yourself.

I went to unispins (which i usually land) and twisted my ankle. lol

Haha bummer dude. But yeah, don’t focus on one thing tooooo much. Things like high jumps are hard to improve on fast, once you get the technique you’ll get better. But a thing like technique just takes time.

thanks man i think i might leave high jumps for a couple of days and focus on my flat 4 a bit :slight_smile: