Over and Under Flipping - Max Peabody

Hey guys,

Here’s a video from my riding in the past two days, lots of new tricks in it :slight_smile: :wink:

Hope you guys enjoy, and leave a comment!


Amazing! You’ve taken overflips and underflips to a whole new level!

YOU LANDED IT!! Dude I’m so proud of you :smiley: That trick is insane! Way to be bro (: I miss riding with ya!

3spin overflip is sooo sick, it dosn’t really look very nice… but maybe with time

Edit: Also I should have been on the thanks list >.>

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Man I know! It was my first one though, as you can probably tell… :roll_eyes:

And yes, I actually thought I had put you on it!! Weird. But yeah, thanks a lot to Chris Huriwai!! <3

Thanks bro!!! I miss all of you guys :frowning:

this is madness… I cant even manage a kick flip yet :stuck_out_tongue: awesome work. now do it down something!

Nice :smiley: Sex change overflip looked so cool! Think I will try it later! :smiley:
Was this why you were talking about hick underflip the other day? :stuck_out_tongue:

360 Overflip was clean and looks amazing!

Thanks a lot guys! :smiley:

I’ve done over and underflips up and down manny pads and curbs, but I want to go bigger with them… It’s hard to do though.

Trey overflip :open_mouth:

I cant wait to see how you integrate them into your street riding yet, I expect it’ll be sick!

Me too :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want to try a hick overflip down a set

woow you can all this tricks very good, the trey overflip was amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks Adrien :slight_smile: