Outta Phaze ?

Does Outta Phaze still exist ?
Are there [current] alternatives to schlumpf ?
Where does one buy the schlumpf/O.P. ?
From what i gather, the norm is to purchase the schlumpf hub and all uni components seperately, and DIY from there. However, i’ve also seen talk of a readybuilt KH setup… yet i can’t seem to find where to buy EITHER the hub itself or the readybuilt setup.

I know i know, i don’t need to worry about it yet… i’m probably a year away from this stuff right now, but it’s buggin me.

BTW had another hour practice yesterday… very long ramblings regarding my progress can be seen on my bloggorama: mcnerdius.blogspot.com

I think Dave Stockton was going to build unicycles using Pete Perron’s v-frame jackshaft design under that name, but I don’t think he ever did it.

Not really unless you build your own. If you mean alternative designs (rather than internally geared), there’s the jackshaft type like Pete’s.

Unicycle.com sell them, or you could probably buy one direct from Schlumpf.

I’m not sure if KH sells a ready-made geared uni. You could buy the parts from UDC and they’d build it up for you though.



Sold out at the moment though… and thats the only prebuild one. No 36 available.