"Outrageous" (I quote)

I did a ride around part of the National Water Sports Centre today. Hold onto that name; it’s important later.

There was a rowing regatta on. Teams from all over the country, competing in an event for which they had no doubt trained for weeks or months. People had travelled from far and wide with trailers, boats, other kit, and camped. It’s a big investment of time, effort and money for those few minutes on the water. No doubt the teams had paid an entrance fee, and the regatta organisers had paid a substantial booking fee to the Water Sports Centre.

So when I found there was an admission charge on the main gate, and the back entrance was comprehensively blocked off, I respected that and found another route that didn’t interfere with the regatta. I did briefly come out of the woods onto the lakeside, but took great care to stay on the grass and not to block the tarmac track that runs around the lake, or get in the way of the teams, spectators and support staff.

As each rowing race started, about two dozen bikes charged down the track, keeping pace with the boats, the riders shouting encouragement, coaches checking stop watches, etc. It was fascinating to watch, but I kept out of the way.

I got back to the car, and noticed two bicyclists: a respectable-looking woman of about 45 and her man. They arrived at the blocked off gate - a huge sheet of steel mesh across it, a notice saying “Keep Out, Regatta in Progress”, and a massive padlock and chain around the gate.

The man (who was on a rather nice modern Moulton with monoshock rear and skinny wheels that would not work well on the grass) said cheerily, “We’ll have to go the other way.”

“No,” said the respectable-looking woman of about 45. "The fence is down here, we can get over.

If she had climbed over, she would have been on the side of the lake that was busiest with the regatta traffic.

I offered some friendly advice: “There’s a major regatta on. They’re using the track at the side of the lake. There are huge numbers of cycles and vehicles being used to monitor the races. It’s closed for a reason.”

“They won’t notice us,” she replied, crossly.

I restated my case politely but perhaps a little too firmly.

She turned to her man: “Come on, it’s ridiculous closing the gate. It’s outrageous.” And over the fence they went.

How outrageous that there should be a major water sports event at the National Water Sports Centre! :roll_eyes:

It’s hard to like people sometimes.

Next thing you know they’ll stop you from riding skinnies on the railway tracks because of those stupid trains!

That woman knew what she was doing! She stood up for her rights! Outrageous!

and then after she gets injured for being somewhere she knew she was forbidden to go into it will outrageous that someone didn’t try to stop her! and then when she has to pay for her hospital bill that too will be outrageous!.. and then after far too much time taking this crap it’ll be outrageous that her husband tells her to find herself a new home and life (or shows her the back of his hand if he’s not quite so polite).

truly outrageous.

sounds like someone needs a mirror and some time to have a little think about who they are vs who they think they are.

(or perhaps she’s a quite nice lady having a slightly off day… but if this was a bet then i’d be placing my money on the other option)

In the grand scheme of things, it was only a minor incident. Two things about it irritated me:

I know how much time, effort, planning and money that sports people (and other enthusiasts) put into major events. My brother and sister have both represented GB in minority sports. I dance Morris at some big events. Selfish people who think that their own personal preference at that moment overrides the needs of the dozens or hundreds of people involved in the event make me sick. (On Thursday, we had a driver who hooted and threatened to drive through the middle of our dance.)

It was clear from her attitude that she was “above” petty considerations like rules and good manners - but equally clear that if some “oiks” had decided that it suited their personal preference to get in her way, she would have objected strongly. One rule for them, and all that.

I have ridden around the Water Sports Centre hundreds of times, and am always aware that the water users’ requirements come first. I could just see this idiot riding in front of the pack of bikes that were following the race, causing disruption or an accident, and then other more responsible cyclists (including me) being warned off next time.

I think it’s outrageous that there was no deliberate mistake included.

I shall be writing a strongly-worded letter of complaint to my MP about this.

As an MP if i receive such a letter I shall ignore it, as would any other MP I’m sure.

It took me a while to get this. But then it is the first day of the school holidays and I’m not coping very well. I think my head’s going to explode!

Letter? What letter?

Must have been misposted to the floating duck house.

A woman died on the tour de France course this weekend because she needed to cross the road in the middle of the race. It is sad, but it was completely avoidable.

Evolution in action. :frowning: