outflip problems vid

theres the vid, of me trying outflips, i can get fairly close doing them with my right hand, but he problem is that it is not the normal way i do unispins, and cannot land them even one handed unispins in that direction.
tips plz.

have you tried doing it with both hands? or is that still considered an outflip

What’s with the learner uni? You have a DX, use that.

yea ive tried my DX.
I can do the one handed 180, but i cannot flip the cranks fast enough on it, im just practicin, untill i get it on the little one, so i can transfer it to my DX.
its like a prototype.

I got the one handed 180 unispin with my right hand, and was trying it that way, i can get one foot on the pedal, its really hard, my biceps kill, and i work out all the time, so thats sayin somethin lol.
Ill try agian tomarrow after school, soooo exausted.

when you do it jump straight up. and thrust the seat away from you when you land and grasp it with your other hand

On some of those you just lack commitment. Pull your feet back in! Wearing full pads, like 4x4’s, etc and on dirt/grass will make UPD’s less painfull.

Jump higher. The solution to every problem.

That would be a hickflip i think :smiley: