Me and Eli landing are first out fifthflips.

can someone make a list of everybody that can land these

Amazing !! how long you guys been riding ?

Nice, pretty clean.

On film:
Pat L
Eli B
Elliot H
Pele S
Krisz K
Thibault de man
Not on film (that I know of):

thanks that’s who eli said that landed them

we have been riding for about a year and 6 months

Well of course! I bet Adrien for one has landed them.

Maaaaaaaybe, its really hard with our stance. But I’ve also landed one :wink:

Edit: Almost forgot, very very nice guys lol

Yeah I also though you might have one. But then I thought you would have put it in your new video.
Hard with Adrien’s stance? He has probably the best stance for outflip tricks- Flips right handed, spins clockwise, right foot foward…

Nice. I’m jealous because my stance is hard for doing in-in/out tricks.

Adrien has landed them. I can’t think of any others at the moment. Oh yeah, I think Matty P has landed them too…

Good job guys.

Edit: I never landed an outfifth on video :wink:

Edit again: nevermind, yes I have. NAUCC 08 street run, haha forgot.

I land them in my sleep.

Arthur Caron can in-in fifth varial so I’m guessing he can in-in fifthflip.


Where? What? When? Huh? :thinking:

at 2:13, sooooo sick!

That was most certainly not to seat in.

And I’m pretty sure that was Thibault…

You mean huge varial? You never said fifth varial flip, so maybe you are saying if you can huge varail you can fifthflip? I don’t agree with that if that’s what you’re saying.

Nice job fellas.

woops, sorry that was most certainly not in-in, but I’m pretty sure that was Arthur Caron.

that was definitely a fifth varial (540 unispin + crankflip + 180) not a huge varial. it even said so…

There is no such thing as a fifth varial.

There is a fifth varial flip, but no fifth varial.

wouldnt it be called a huge varial flip ? trick names are getting so complicated