Outdoor Demo in Moab UT Oct 3rd - 7th

We (Unicycle.com) will be attending this great event again this year. We will be bringing about 18 D.E.M.O. unicycles to be tested out on the road and trail. If you come you do not need to register with the event if you only come to ride a Unicycle. We will be able to let you test them but you will not be able to test from other Vendors or use the shuttles (must be registered to use). There is both road and Mt. test courses to ride on site so you don’t need to drive to a trail unless you want. We can hardly wait for this year, its going to be great.

I am already registered and will probably spend most of my time on mtbks, but this seems like a good opportunity for an unofficial Moab Muni weekend.

I’m going to stop in Moab for riding on the 2nd and 3rd on my way to the “California” weekend in Albuquerque. It looks like the official demos won’t be until the 5th. Any way to get a demo on the 3rd, or at least see the unis on display? I’d love to have a look at the Oregons, Oracles, and Impulse unis, as my son will be needing a new muni soon, and I’m looking at getting an upgrade 36er.

Sorry, We will just miss you. We will be arriving on the 4th to setup.

Hey Josh, maybe you can get there a little early so we can go for a ride, hiny, hint, hint :slight_smile: