Out The Game Unicycle Mounts

A game of Out The Game where you just do mounts on to the unicycle.
Rules: If you can’t land a trick or upload a video within four days you get a letter. The last person without O-U-T wins. We’ll start when 6 or 7 seven people join. Just any mounts that don’t have to land straight on the pedals but must eventually. I never saw an out the games mounts so I decided to make one.

Revision To Above

Actually after looking at other out the games I’ll change a few rules from above. Person 1 sets a trick by filming them self doing it and posting in to this thread. Every one else playing must then film the same trick and post it to the thread within one week. You cannot use old clips. Anybody who doesn’t manage to upload their clip in one week gets a letter. When you get 3 letters then you are OUT. The person who lands and uploads the trick first gets to set the next trick, unless they have already set, in which case it goes to the second person who lands it and so on. The last person left is the winner.
Any unicycle mounts, from kick up mount, to jump mount to wheelwalk, to suicide bodyspin, etc.

Nice video!! I will give a try to some rules in there :slight_smile:

anyone else?


_ _ _ Wrapmaster
_ _ _ dell33
_ _ _ MP Uni

you guys just want to start?

I’ll try

_ _ _ Wrapmaster
_ _ _ dell33
_ _ _ MP Uni
_ _ _Muni123

All right if you want to set the next trick that’s fine, otherwise I’ll set it when I get off work.

Stepover Mount

I’ve never seen that mount before, hopefully I can do it.

Just lower the seat if you not that flexible

Out The Game Unicycle Mounts

This game can be pedagogically used to transform aggression into skillful riding . The home base you can idle or dismount and mount again easier than going forwards to get out of the dead position when your cranks are vertical .

sms lån

I’m interested in playing this game. Anyone else? Are the original four players still interested?

Looks like we might have to pick a new challenge, since the video of the first challenge is no longer available.

I will play :slight_smile:

is anyone else interested?

Alright I am ready someone else can set a new mount. The trick will have to be posted by one week after someone post the first clip.

i want in but I’m not a high level :slight_smile: