So… Rules.

At least 3 hops before and after each trick
You have 1 day to set and 5 days to land.
Here are the rules, if you’re not familiar with OTG.

Person 1 sets a trick by filming them self doing it and posting in to this thread. Every one else playing must then film the same trick and post it to the thread within one week. You cannot use old clips. Anybody who doesn’t manage to upload their clip in one week gets a letter. When you get 3 letters then you are OUT. The person who lands and uploads the trick first gets to set the next trick, unless they have already set, in which case it goes to the second person who lands it and so on. The last person left is the winner.

In general, the tricks start easier and get harder. After a couple people join whoever wants to can set the first trick.

Add your name to the list to join.
_Colby Thomas
_ Julia Thomas

paste that in there
i typed it up a while agoWe will start when Mrs. Thomas (just practicing) posts her clip.

Take it away babe.

Uhhh… no.

_ _ _Julia BELK
_ _ _Colby Thomas

_ _ _ Colby Thomas

I am so in this :slight_smile:
Great idea for an OTG

Nooo! I just got rid of my trampoline because my dad couldn’t stand it any more! I wish I could join!

Well, maybe I’ll be able to make it to my friends house once a week for the next few weeks. I’ll join, just in case.

_ _ _ Colby Thomas
_ _ _ Joe Sowul

_ _ _ Colby Thomas
_ _ _ Joe Sowul
_ _ _ Tim Desmet

I wish I had a trampoline :frowning:
I broke my small one the other day unicycling on it :stuck_out_tongue:

When’s the wedding?

Colby says it’s going to happen at NAUCC. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll go film the trick, probably a fulloutspin.

My father dont want to let me ride my uni on the trampoline:( I can do the tricks without a uni though:p

No… I wont:(


Trick 1: Fulloutspin, set by Julia
Trick 2: Will be set on April 8, 2010

_ _ _Colby Thomas
_ _ _Connor Hale
_ _ _Joe Sowul
_ _ _Julia Belk* (set)
_ _ _Tim Desmet

Sweet backflip dismount. Have you ever tried to stay on the uni the whole time?

Not yet, I probably will try that with frontflips today and maybe backflips. I only started riding on the trampoline yesterday when Colby told me how fun it was. :slight_smile:

About a year ago I was getting relatively close to frontflips on the trampoline :stuck_out_tongue: It’s a lot of fun.

Not to sound like an old guy or anything. But this seems like the least safe thing I have ever heard of on a unicycle.
Not speaking from experience having never tried it. But imagine all the possibiblities. I thought julia was going to be hit by her uni when she backflipped. Thats at least 10 pounds of hate when you get beamed in the face.
Imagine flying off the uni and being flung from the tramp and your uni than hitting you in the face.

Haha. . . Sorry. Sometimes I just say things. Dont pay attention.

Just be safe.

P.S. The uni does look sweet bouncing on the tramp.

I would like to try :stuck_out_tongue:

I am soo going to get another trampoline :slight_smile:

wainting in line…

by the way congrats again to Colby! Landed the first ever 1080 on a trampoline! :slight_smile:

Thanks Connor!
But you know you have it as soon as your ankle heals :smiley:
I’ll try to get this tommorow XD.

Bump… Connor should set.