Out The Game Juggling

I was thinking about the games on the forums when I realized that although many of us juggle, we haven’t started any juggling games. So I think that we should start some! It will be the kick off of my new site, just follow the link, create a free account and join the game. There are also many styles of juggling, so there will be a variety of games.

Here is the link: http://unitips.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=1

Join if you can juggle and want to have fun.

I’ve really been neglecting my juggling lately. I can do 3 balls, 3 clubs and a few minor tricks so I think it would be great fun.

I don’t really want to join another forum but I suppose it doesn’t really fit here, right? :slight_smile:

Great! Yeah, it would be less confusing to have the juggling on my forum because there is no real juggling section here.

Thanks for joining, we just need a few more people now.

I’m in!

Finally, a game that I might stand a chance at. :slight_smile:

n.n’ unfortunately unless anybody can do 5 clubs or something, it would be a little unfair if I joined : (

that’s intermediate. . . . right? : D . . . right?

Great! Just follow the link and join if you haven’t already.

Sorry, I forgot to mention on this site that the game is three ball juggling beginner/intermediate, so you can join. There is going to be different games for clubs, rings and larger numbers.

needz more peoplez!! 3 so far.

The juggling forum is down the corridor, second on the left.

This here’s the clown b*ke forum.

yes, but I know the juggling folks ; ) and you won’t be able to play out of the game with them on the juggling forums. Besides, I don’t like juggling forums near as much : P There aren’t any really good ones that I’ve seen.

4 if you count me. We should start when we get 7-10 people.

I’ll do it. I can do 3 balls, clubs, and rings pretty easily, plus about every 3 ball trick imaginable.

I suppose things like diabolos and spinning plates won’t work?

Great, that makes 5.

I’m well up for this!!! Can juggle 5 ballsish! lets do it

So whats the plan then, shall we get started, ppl can still join during round one anyway!
I don’t mind setting the first trick, what are the limits? 3 balls only?

I will do a vid tonight and upload it for the first trick

Yeah we can start tommorow, you need to follow the link in the first post to get to the site where the game is being hosted. Yes it is three ball beginner/intermediate but other games could be started for different types of juggling.

Clint may: You need to activate your account so you can join the game.

Wont let me sign up to the forum, but still count me in…when I try to sign it it keeps saying my password does not match. Is there a strict ruling behing the password setup?

The only restriction is no less than 6 no more than 30 characters. Try a few more passwords and see if it works.

let’s get this game rollin’! I also posted up a 3 club version, hopefully a little more advanced stuff.

still having problems :confused: gonna try it on my desire and see if its just the fact that work use ie6 :frowning:

The game will officialy start this Saturday. You can still join in until after the third round. A few of you haven’t activated your acounts yet. If for some reason you are having trouble, post here or post a help ticket at www.unitips.ca/support for help.