Out The Game Freestyle Intermediate

I want to work more on my freestyle, and because OTG Mounts didn’t work I decided to make this. An intermediate freestyle Out The Game.
Here are the rules, if you’re not familiar with OTG.

Person 1: sets a trick by filming them self doing it and posting in to this thread. Every one else playing must then film the same trick and post it to the thread within one week. You cannot use old clips. Anybody who doesn’t manage to upload their clip in one week gets a letter. When you get 3 letters then you are OUT. The person who lands and uploads the trick first gets to set the next trick, unless they have already set, in which case it goes to the second person who lands it and so on. The last person left is the winner. We’ll start when like 4 or 5 people join I guess

i’ll try but i suck at freestyle

alright cool

I am not familiar with OTG as well… Thank you for posting these rules!! :slight_smile:

No one does freestyle any more or what, I mean this is pretty weak

Absolutly cool! :wink:

I am impress with this information you posted and by the way you got a good looking site. I like your good work.

I’m in.