Out the game beginner

This is OUT the game for all those people that want to play. This is for people who are little beyond super beginner level, but not ready for medium to expert.

Example of tricks you should already know.

One foot ride/Idle
How to Hop
Basic Trials
Basic Street
Basic Flat

Don’t feel intimidated, if your unsure if you will be able to participate, just try. You’ve got nothing to lose. This is about challenging each other and Improving.

First we will get at least 3 people to play then we will start. First poster gets to set trick.


I will be following this game to help me learn new tricks, so you can put me on the list if you like, but I may be OUT pretty quick if my schooling gets too busy. I didn’t even have time to try to 1ft idle in the super beginner!

Its all good! you get to set trick. SO upload away.

I´d like to join , i’m feeling stuck on my tricks. Would be amazing to learn new stuff, like flat tricks or something else

ah ok, well I don’t know many tricks that would fit into this. And I won’t be able to upload until MAYBE wednesday, so you might pick someone else.

Awesome we have 3 of us! Dane You set trick for wednesday, I will set trick for tuesday, and other guy who I forgot name can set trick for Thursday. Tricks are due a week after posting.

What? there’s multiple tricks?

I figured we would start out with uploading multiple tricks for us to work on, but the only one that counts for the week is yours.

i am in. may be out quick i am excited! first game! ill set if you want…

k, but like I said, I don’t know many tricks, and the earliest possible time I would be able to upload would be wednesday, but that is doubtful. I am a busy student, and I will likely be in the darkroom all day wednesday.

Okay well knox uni just volunteered to set trick, Knox your trick is due by tuesday night.

ok filmed a few things uploading now.

I may join, but I don’t really understand the multiple trick thing…

If I did join, I would probably be out really fast, due to loads of schoolwork, but we’ll see.

i am on the same boat as you…

Onza Limey _ _ _
Fakek _ _ _
Dane M _ _ _
knoxuni _ _ _
AustinLee _ _ _

im in can we change the list

Onza Limey_ _ _
Fakek_ _ _
Dane M_ _ _
Knoxuni_ _ _
AusitinLee_ _ _
MM38_ _ _


here are a few tricks to do if this is how I think this works…
ride-idle-1ft idle-idle-ride
beginner trials

Onza Limey_ _ _
Fakek_ _ _
Dane M_ _ _
Knoxuni_ _ _ (SET)
AusitinLee_ _ _
MM38_ _ _

I’m already playing in Super Beginner but I’ll play this too for some extra challenge…

Onza Limey_ _ _
Fakek_ _ _
Dane M_ _ _
Knoxuni_ _ _ (SET)
AusitinLee_ _ _
MM38_ _ _
GShoe_ _ _

when is the due date for this trick before a letter?

I think we need to clarify this a little.

How about a single trick is set, and is due a week from the day it is set?

Knox seems to have set two tricks, maybe we should pick just one of those and use the other next week?

Does anyone else have any suggestions?