Out the Game 'Beginner'

Thats a hard one, not sure If I can get this.

I can only just do 180 unispins. :slight_smile:

Il give it good go

Ouch, I’ve only been riding like 4 weeks now :stuck_out_tongue:
Atm I can do all the very basics, hop, idle, go backwards, but is there anything else I need to learn before I go onto 180 unispins?

This is going to be a challenge :o

aww man, i can do this, but yesterday i bent my rim! :angry: i’m getting a new one next week, or the one after that…i’ll try and use my friends unicycle to do this :slight_smile:

I was hoping it wouldnt stay with idles and things like that cause they are a bit too beginner so they get to boring…
And IMO learning to unispin in 1 week is extremely hard XD

My unicycle is on coating but i can do it on my freestyle uni…

Yeah, I think most of us were hoping it would stay that way. I’m betting the majority in this game would say this is not a beginner move. If you look at this as a guide, this trick is pretty far up the chain.

It’s just a game, I’ll take my “O” and we’ll see what the next one is.

This week is gonna be a frikken challenge, but I’m going for it :smiley:

Day 1.
Ok, so today I’ve gone from being able to hop a couple of times about 2 inches off the ground with limited success to being able to static hop up curbs every time.
And on the seat out front, yesterday I couldn’t do it at all and at the end of today I can mount & ride seat out wobbly for about 4 or 5 pedals :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck guys :slight_smile:

I looked at the list and I knew that at least 7/12 could 180 unispin so I thought it was fine… On the first post it says that this is beginner street, flat, and trials, not generic beginner. 180 unispins are definitely beginner street and flat.

Edit: And on the levels thingy the only 2 street riders I saw that posted on it were Shaun J. and Justin K., and they both thought it was dumb.

Good one, Julia! I wasn’t able to do the 30 idles so I know if I can land this I’ll start with “O”. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do it but I can try! After practicing this morning all I can say is thank you Kris Holm percussion leg armor.

Lucky for some :wink:

Definitely! Certainly beats the thriftstore soccer shin pads tied on with old shoelaces I was using before. But those were better than nothing. I’m clumsier and less coordinated than most people so I have some spectacular falls and pedal bites.

Here we go…

Waiting in line…

I wish I did this first!


It’s pretty easy guys! Just commit!:smiley:

Good work guys

Trick 1: 30 idles, Set by Trevor
Trick 2: Rolling 180 Unispin, no hops, set by Julia
Trick 3: Will be set on Saturday
_ _ _Trevor Stader*
_ _ _96erik
_ _ _Julia B* (set)
_ _ _Anton005
_ _ _SirSkillz (landed)
_ _ _Cubemansam (landed)
_ _ _The Defecator
O _ _Crosseyed
_ _ _Molehill
_ _ _Unicyclingisfun
_ _ _Unicycle Person
_ _ _Override
O _ _Waaalrus

here’s mine :slight_smile: edited it a bit as well just for the sake of it.


woops! posted this in my brother account! =$

here’s mine. edited it a bit for the sake of editing :slight_smile:


hahah, good work with the editing. What program do you use?

Just wondering: Julia what colour rim is that :smiley: Its so bright I cant tell is it fluo pink? red? And where did you order it from :slight_smile:

sony vegas 8

Fluo Pink, www.RenegadeJuggling.com. Don’t buy the red one, I used to have it but it’s not really red and it looks dumb.